Founded in 2002, CAN-AAB Films is a fully integrated studio that has produced some of the most definitive and prominent work in modern Indian cinema. Over the years, CAN-AAB Films has established itself as a leading film studio and a distribution company, as well as a premier visual effects studio. The debut production for the banner was a roaring hit,. Since then, we’ve tasted consistent success with titles like Surma , Koka , etc . It is our continual aim to deliver content that garners both popular as well as critical acclaim, while making Indian films more visible to an international audience CAN-AAB Films has always explored new markets for its films, some of which have been China and Germany. In addition to these we have been syndicating our films in markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and Middle East Through The company is proud to serve as a home to some of the biggest film , Music Videos , stars in the country, having built our reputation through powerful storytelling that is backed by originality, quality, and detail. We believe in creating and developing world-class content that not only entertains but also offers an enriching experience to the audience. Consistently pushed boundaries across the spectrum, creating and producing entertaining content and engaging audiences worldwide through a vast variety of different platforms.